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Functional Movement - The Way To Move

What is functional movement? This is a great place to start, with a question.

Functional Movement is simply the act of action in the way your individual body moves. To put it in another way, it's about action - physical action. Getting your body moving, blood flowing and circulating, getting your heart rate up and sweating.

brittle tree stands alone

Not enough people do this anymore. They've become frail and brittle. What do we know about observing brittleness in nature? Death or quite close to it. I imagine you don't want to be brittle and have death knocking on your door sooner than you'd like, would you?

The term functional is more so defined as the individual and what they are capable of within their capacity. That capacity will change as one moves more and moves more towards their threshold to then push that threshold out further. Think of potential, YOUR potential. What are you capable of now? What could you be capable of after a few months of doing a specific thing? Probably MUCH MORE!

Let's take a step back now to see the bigger picture here. Functional Movement is something we are all capable of. Since we are all capable of moving, it is our duty as human beings by design and function, to move on the daily. Think about it.

Why are you not utilizing what you've been given in this lifetime? In a way, you are subconsciously, denying your power, denying your gifts and expressing ungratefulness. I'll bet dollars to donuts, that if something happened to limit your capacity to move, you'd be completely (at least temporarily) stunned and angry that you've lost something valuable. So, in this way, why the heck are you not taking advantage of this ability now?

creative dance moves black and white

Functional Movement can be anything you want it to be. If it's walking, then walk. If you like running, then run more. If you like lifting weights, then lift anything and everything whenever you can. If you enjoy sports and the competitive nature of others, get competitive and get out there to play. Get back to that child you once were and think like one in this regard. How would a child think and act to move? They'd let their curiosity take them into going after something. DO JUST THAT! DO IT NOW!

Get up, get outside, and WALK. It's the easiest thing to do and that in itself offers numerous benefits beyond just the movement you'll experience. That action would include, sunlight or moonlight, fresh air, getting outside to see further visually (which opens up your mind for thinking), it offers the chance to meet someone or people, or even encounter animals. It's all-encompassing - the act of getting outside to walk or move around.

If you want to look at more advanced functional movements, then great! Here are some ideas. Find or create a workout program that offers movements of the entire body, engaging the entire system. Fitness classes are a great place to start. Try Yoga - an incredible form of movement, and quite challenging too.

man summits mountain on coast

Create a stretching routine every day, that will help improve your flexibility (the opposite of brittle).

What sports did you play as a kid? Take those up again - invest in the equipment and make a conscious intention to commit to practicing and playing and getting better. This all goes much further than the literal state of moving. This will get your mind engaged, it will produce hormones and those feel-good chemicals that will make you feel better about yourself, which always works to a compound effect of more positive attributes, more positive results, and a more positive way of living. Once you get started and as time goes forward, habits get built and then it becomes a way of life. You'll be thankful you did this.

We could sit here all day listing off what activities we can and could do and start implementing into our lives. I'll let you take it upon yourself to figure that out because it's you who is the leader of your life and it's your duty to find what works for you.

To wrap this up, functional movement is all about being dynamic and not static. Moving and the art of action is what we've been doing for hundreds of thousands of years. Our ancestors moved as they saw necessary and they thrived. Today, the common man in the society commonly seen around the earth is that of an overweight, unhappy, brittle existence. It's a sad thing to watch someone with so much potential, wasting it all away. Then again, it always comes down to the intention of that individual - the choice is always yours and yours alone.

What will you choose?

"I implore you to move and move well."

- SD


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