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Building A Better Brain - Part I

The true measure of excellent health, in my opinion, results from having a balanced Mind, Body and what most leave out, Spirit or Soul. Physical health is directly correlated with inner health. What I am going to speak on today is, building a better brain.

When it comes to the Brain, many people think of intelligence, and knowledge, size of the head correlates to brain size (LOL), memory, cognitive speed and performance, mathematics etc. What most do not realize still is how the brain is not necessarily functioning in its own regard. Moreover, to build a better brain, does not only mean focusing on just the brain itself; in order to build and maintain a better brain, one must look at something else.

Truly, research is showing that our bodies have a second brain, this brain is claimed as the Gut. With this new-founded, yet ancient knowledge, research shows how there is a direct Gut-Brain relationship at play. This gut-brain relationship is by design and so everyone holds this relationship inside them.

building a better brain

The first step in building a better brain, and this would be the most important aspect, and the point I hope you take away from this article is, the fact that you will need to heal and have a healthy Gut. In order to build a better brain, you are going to have to work diligently on healing your gut and then maintaining it for LIFE. Period.

The reason the gut is so important is that the gut is responsible for creating the majority of certain neurotransmitters, hormones and many other things that directly involve the brain and its processes. If someone does not have a healthy gut, more often than not, you can easily see that their ability to function from a brain level is decreased, and their attitude and mood are often off and much lower. Their abilities to think and process information and be quick-witted are diminished, slowed or completely obsolete. What I am trying to help people realize is this; if your brain is not functioning properly, or the way you want it, then it may be helpful to look not only at the brain but at your Gut. Especially the health of it.

Most people will not have a healthy gut, this is only a mere statement of my opinion of what I have seen, heard and felt. So, I would imagine that most people have no measurement of comparison when it comes to them feeling their best vs. feeling at their worst. There is no drastic reference point. There would only be the reference point of, years ago I felt moderately good and now I feel crappy, OR vice versa.

This is not something you should just settle for, this is not something of an excuse because you are getting older. That bullshit you see on television, hear from average folk and see in movies is complete hogwash. You have the ability to build a better brain, take charge of your health and create a life worth living that you deserve fully.

Let me show you now, how to build a better brain…

Step 1: Change the health of your Gut and live a Gut Friendly Lifestyle. Take your health into your own hands and clean up the foods you eat. Start taking quality supplements that contribute to a healthy gut, as well, you should have a desire to improve the health of your gut. (this topic is for another article)

Step 2: Focus on the four main Neurotransmitters that directly affect mood, attitude, ability and function.

These main neurotransmitters are:

  1. GABA

  2. Serotonin

  3. Acetylcholine

  4. Dopamine

Step 3: Take the Braverman Test to achieve an overall outlook on your own neurotransmitters, for what is lacking, what are your strengths and what is in balance.

Step 4: Take the proper supplements that specifically enhance that particular neurotransmitter(s)


I will go into more detail and expand on the four main neurotransmitters in part II, as a means to give you a better glimpse into your own brain.

For now, reflect on the above mentioned and we'll see you here again soon.

- SD


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