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Mental Factor Become Your Own Master

This is the first book I ever wrote and self-published. This was back in 2015. This was around the time I was very much in the process of learning in depth about positive mental talk and learning extensively about creating and designing my own affirmations for what I was consciously creating with intention. Although it has been many years, this book is time-tested and true in the fact that positive mental talk is critical for self-growth and personal transformation. It's an excellent read and short one, but a re-readable book no doubt.

What's Inside?

  • Over 300 positive self-talk phrases

  • The difference between affirmations and afformations, and why they are both very effective to use interchangeably

  • Understand where and when to use them

  • The most important topics/categories covered, like abundance, health, wealth, love, and more.

Mental Factor Become Your Own Master Paperback and Ebook
Mental Factor Become Your Master Kindle

Benefits From Your First Read

  • Understanding the importance of what you say to yourself

  • Gaining awareness of your current self-talk

  • Steps to take to start changing your current self-talk habits

  • Personal transformation begins on page one, as you've taken action to change, to transform

  • The realization that you are the Creator of your own life and you have much more control/power over how you see the world than you might currently think/believe

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