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An Invocation of Success

A rhythmic poem of invoking success into my life.

invoke success into your life
An invocation to success

I invoke success into my mind; I profess.

I invoke success into my heart; I profess.

I invoke success into my soul; I egress.

I invoke success into my blood and into my flesh.

Oh yes, I truly confess, success plays a role, and I am quite obsessed.

Away with mediocrity.

It is bullshit hypocrisy.

I have come to live a life beyond idiocracy.

It is sad to see how many have come to be.

How many have strayed away from their own destiny.

What success means to me is total authenticity, freedom and creativity.

Plain and simple, that is how it is for me.

Total proclivity and absolute motivity.

My recipe for success stems from pure productivity.

Before I digress, allow me to address what I meant by being obsessed with success.

It is a form of motivation, built upon inspiration, a sound and solid foundation of existential concentration.

Simply put, it is my soulful preparation for when I leave this earthly vacation.

Let us be clear…

Success is what you make of it.

Have you addressed what you deem success?

If yes, I wish you the best in your process.

If not, I wish to impress upon you to develop the skills and awareness that you ought to possess.

Fully decompress the layers of yourself that need to be undressed.

Only then may you find your true meaning of success.

I wish you finesse.

Peace and be blessed.

An Invocation of Success.

— Spencer Dearing


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