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Positive Self-Talk for Personal Transformation

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Understanding the importance of positive self-talk for fully experiencing life and for personal transformation.

Since the inception of time we as humans have been given this marvellous gift, which we label as the mind. In this mind, there is a vast expanse of potential and capabilities to which we know not fully. What we do know though, is that we have thousands of thoughts happening each day.

Isn't this incredible feat something to wonder at? How on earth do we do what we do, while thousands of thoughts are rolling about? All the while, our actions in the physical are slower, much slower than the speed at which we can even think of them/visualize them happening.

This brings me to my topic of writing - POSITIVE SELF-TALK.

positive self talk helps grow your mind like watering flowers
Your Mind Is Like A Garden, You Must Tend To The Weeds And Cherish The Flowers, Allowing It To Flourish

All is Mind - a universal theory from ancient times stating that the Universe is Mental. Mental meaning it has its own mind and works in the same capacity as our brains. We think and we can create, or we can destroy. That's the power of our choice, our free will.

I want to position this topic on the essence of a more positive approach to the mind, to the chatter and thoughts we think... to Positive Self-Talk.

Everything that we experience around us, we observe with all five senses. These five senses shape the way we experience life and the things around us. Once a thought, became an idea, became an invention or creation allowing us to experience the creations around us with all five senses.

In regards to personal transformation and positive self-growth one MUST have proper self-talk going on throughout their day-to-day doings.

In my book Mental Factor Become Your Own Master I introduce the reader to positive self-talk and the benefits of becoming aware of your own thoughts. I also outline a major strategy that can be formed into a habit to better one's self-talk. The strategy is - affirmations and afformations. If you are interested in learning more about becoming your own master, you can purchase my book on Amazon here.

Mental Factor Become Your Master - Book by Spencer Dearing
Mental Factor Become Your Own Master

Affirmations are phrases of positivity that are directed at you, from you. These positive affirmations can be about health, love, wealth, mental well-being, career, the world around you, the list goes on.

What I do want to share and get across to you is that, if you are not allowing yourself to live fully, which can only be done with an overpouring love for yourself, than you are limiting the potential of your own life. You are at the whims of the world and the environment around you.

I implore you to make a goal to observe the way you treat yourself, the thoughts you think, and the things you do on a daily basis, and ask yourself am I allowing myself to live my greatest life and be my greatest self? If you struggle with this, then we have work to do.

I once was struggling with myself, many, many years ago. When I was introduced to this new way of observing and loving myself, it was a beautiful blessing. You see, I was looking and searching for ways to grow, to become a better version of myself. I wanted personal transformation and I wanted it NOW! I realized that my thoughts were not exactly lining up with my actions and vice versa. There was not a smooth rhythm, a synchronicity to my thoughts and actions. I would say one thing and do the opposite, or do something and say another. It was not aligned.

Only when I became aware of affirmations and how to properly talk to myself, did I really feel my life changing before me. With this new Knowledge, I actually realized that there were times that I wasn't even fully aware of the positive self-talk I was already doing. I was not even close to fully understanding how capable I was of positive self-talk. It was one of those “AHA!” moments when the dots connected.

I can say with certainty that we all have thoughts on a variety of topics, but the most important thoughts we have are the thoughts related to how we see ourselves and what we intend for our lives. Controlling and managing your thoughts and affirmations you tell yourself, puts out the intention of betterment for your own self and what you seek out of life.

I'll end in this way... Take note and be aware of what you think, and how you let these thoughts control you, starting now. Pay attention to the times when you notice you’re talking negatively toward yourself and the times you talk and think positively to yourself. Really consider the times when there is opportunity to use more positive self-talk throughout your day.

Where do you want to go in life? What do you intend to do in your life? Make these areas those that you purposely control, to be mastered in the way that you always talk positively about yourself. Look in the mirror and say good things about yourself. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but that should show you how disconnected you are from your own self. There is more love to be had and more confidence to be instilled.

Set a new standard of thought for your mind, one that is positive and optimistic. What you might just find, is that the world around you changes when you think and talk positively. It will start to reflect positive attributes that you're now saying, seeing and believing in and about yourself.

Go now, and be persistent in your pursuit of a positive life. It's all's all in the MIND.

- SD


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