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Poem | Death: A Poetic Debut

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

death skull with pink roses
The Beauty of Death

A poem about death and the beauty that you can find in it, to remind yourself to live life to the fullest.

The unknown, the unimaginable, the unavoidable;

It is coming, for you, for me, for all of us

And as far as I can see, we have not a free will of choice

But what if we had the choice, to live forever, to be immortal?

Would that choice be met with any comparison for the other?

How could we know to choose wisely?

We couldn’t, we wouldn’t, we won’t ever. This is the specialty of death.

Once the clock strikes, pack up your ego baggage and say goodnight.

Because now you’ve left, turn and go, towards the light.

I believe death should shine bright; it might be, I feel it is, the greatest day of life.

How can we say otherwise?

We cannot, because the unknown has not been explored and been brought back lot by lot.

Science cannot explain it, because science has to cut, divide and separate in order to frame it, this and that and the other, and point and blame it.

This is the beauty of death. The lasting, final detachment of our ego’s breaking away, and allowing the soul to forever remain. Where it goes, I know not. But I know it goes somewhere, to a place without distraught. A place of love, beauty and grace, that is what I feel makes sense after living a life in heavy physical space.

A soul looking back after moving on from death just might laugh, smile and ponder about its recent lifetime on the slow plane of Earth. Pondering that its life went well, all while knowing it is not going to hell. For hell is conjured up by physical man, to make you fear what is to come beyond this land. For that fear in itself, creates its own hell, ironic, isn’t it?

People live these crazy short lives, running around without knowing, life is a blessing in disguise. You make of it what you want, for at the end of it all, your soul will look back and think, was that all?

But then you’ll be back, in another form, to rekindle those lessons and be reborn. The truth lies in Ascension, another fancy word for evolution. But the kind that is eternal, not some temporary, physical, monkey man solution.

Choose to better yourself and live in your own truth, that is all you can really do; just open your eyes so you can actually see that through.

Then, when death knocks, you can open the door to the light, with open arms, bright eyes, a loving smile and your now-unticking clock.

Welcome Death. Surrender to it. Embrace the fact your physical body will expire, but your soul will live through it. That is the key to this game, you are Eternal, Immortal, Universal and Infinite. I feel it to be so, in my heart of hearts.

Embrace the life you have now, smile and be silly.

Fear not Death, but not living fully, in your truth that is, because that ride can be extremely hilly.

Ups and downs and all around.

Just ground yourself now, ebb and flow.

Life is action and death is coming, you already know.

Just let it be and let it all go.


death tunnel to light
Enter the light of death

- Spencer Dearing


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