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Mental Factor Become Your Own Master

An introduction to my first self-published book, Mental Factor Become Your Own Master. Why I wrote it and the purpose it serves.

I've always had a knack for writing and the thought of being an Author always inspired me. Was I a top student in English class? Heck no! At that time, I was not exactly interested in writing things that followed the educational system.

It was back in 2015 when I initially self-published this book, Mental Factor Become Your Master. It took a few months of writing and figuring out all the intricacies that come with writing, like figuring out a good title, the layout, and how to write in a style that is understandable and easy to read for people. What also took time was learning how to put together an ebook, which at the time there were not all the available tools as there are today. Ultimately, I wanted to try my hand at self-publishing a work that I was learning and enjoying putting into practice in my life.

Mental Factor Become Your Own Master - a book on positive self-talk
Mental Factor Become Your Own Master

The idea itself was created out of wanting to share with others what I was learning at the time and felt was really helping me in my own life. Prior to 2015, I was already well into my own quest for personal transformation and seeking growth. I guess you can say that in 2015 some ideas came together and this book was born out of this concept of wanting to help others with the most basic principles of growth - the changing of thoughts we think, moreover, creating a positive mindset for positive change. At the end of the day, it all begins and ends in the mind.

Let me explain a little about how this all came to be. You see, I was born with Cleft Lip and Palate, which is an oral-facial cleft (split), from abnormal development of the face during pregnancy. The odds in Canada are 0.82 out of 1000 for both cleft lip and cleft palate - I had both. From my earliest memories as a child, I remember feeling much different from the other kids, not just physically but also spiritually (you could say). It was clear to me, my face looked different (my perspective at the time, even though I looked great as a kid and the doctors I had were incredible at what they did for my surgeries). Anyway, I grew up with lots of love from family and friends (had plenty of them). However, I had minimal at best, love for myself. To the point I was angry, sad, and filled with rage at the fact that I looked different and I was bullied and picked on for many, many years, which only intensified my own feelings of myself.

Let's see if I can paint a picture for you to explain my lack of self-love...if people looked at me I immediately thought they were judging me, making fun of me, looking at me as if I had something very wrong with me, and they are trying to understand it by their stares. That was obviously not the case in any of the situations (other than the bullying), but the point is, that is what I thought, and so that very much affected my personal thoughts of myself and how I spoke to myself for a long time.

Fast forward to high school, mid-way through, I had the incredible experience of working with a Chiropractor and Energy Healer, where together we found the root cause of my anger, rage and distaste for myself and for my physical facial appearance. It came down to a lack of love for myself. Years and years of built-up negative thoughts and how I felt about my physical appearance took time to heal, but I healed it - damn right I did. I was determined like a bull to sort out and fix this internal issue. I will yell at the top of my lungs, that I am proud that I did, and for numerous reasons. One of the reasons is that I became very aware of the energetic side of life, and what that all means for the individual and the collective of people. The biggest reason I am proud of the work I did, is because I found love for myself and that changed literally everything about me and my life as a whole.

Connecting this back to mindset, mindstate and a positive one at that, it is crucial for one to have a positive view of themselves through and through. Of course, we all have little things we notice about ourselves that we want to improve, and that's okay. But come from a place of "I love myself, but I think I'll do my best to improve this because it will help me and I believe that" type of mindset.

This brings us back to the book - Mental Factor Become Your Own Master. This book is for those seeking self-improvement, for those looking to refresh their minds with a new way of thinking, and for those that are aware that it all starts with themselves and their mindset.

The purpose of this book is to be a guide. The book contains over 300 positive self-talk phrases that cover a wide range of categories, from love, health, career, wealth, abundance, etc. These phrases are actually called affirmations, and they are critical to you. More importantly, it will help the reader to understand the critical aspect of positive self-talk and even give them the ability to create their own phrases of positivity that make sense for them, and their lives. The key of this book is first observation and awareness, then practical approaches to changing what one is observing that one would like to improve.

My book is available on Amazon marketplace, here is the link. It's an easy-to-follow guidebook, with practical approaches that will benefit you right away.

I trust this post serves you well in that a light has been shined on the importance of how you talk to yourself.

"You are the Creator of your life, should you choose to be your own master, you must take control of your mind."

- SD


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