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The Duality of Our 3D World

Understanding and accepting that we live in a world that contains opposites (duality) and how to go about living within this worldly design

We live in very interesting times and as I’m sure you do not live under a rock, I would guess with certainty that you see many different things happening on the regular. I would imagine you see a great deal of positive and negative things, maybe more of the latter than the former.

How does this make you feel knowing that there are many negative as well as positive events, people, and happenings going on daily?

From what I have seen, read and experienced, I believe that this three-dimensional world we live in is supposed to contain both positive and negative polarities, it is designed to contain opposites.

Now, I don’t want to sound morbid, but negativity is something to be had and exists. Of course, with all things, it comes down to perspectives. However, due to our incredible spiritual minds, intelligence and ego, we are able to discern this duality of negative and positive.

Let’s have a look at nature…Nature is a great example and may well be the closest truth to describing the duality of life itself. In nature, we have life and death as the greatest two polarities, or opposites. It is our ego that states life is good (positive) and death is bad (negative.)

Ultimately, how we view positive and negative experiences will differ because it is all subjective, based on perceptions. However, no matter the perception, everyone has a positive and negative conceptualization. This is just because as humans we have an intellectual ego framework. And this framework is excellent at comparing, describing and analyzing all things.

With that being said, the idea is to fully understand that both positive and negative things, situations, and experiences are and will always happen because that is the design and function of the world we live in. To clarify, I am talking strictly about the world we live in, not the earth we live on.

We just have to accept this to be so, because if not, you allow both the good and the bad to have influence over you and this will/can change your internal feelings and ultimately your inner power. This happens because we can create attachments to these positive and negative feelings.

History has shown us that opposites have been around since the dawn of time. Life and death are two final points on the spectrum that we all go through. So, make an intellectual and heart-based decision to work on accepting this concept so that you can free yourself from the happenings of our 3D world.

If we did not have these comparative opposites to look at, discern and learn from then honestly, I do not think we would even have the opportunity to have a life on this earth. We need opposites to learn and grow and ultimately evolve out and beyond from this very small tiny world we live in. This is just a simple step towards a greater purpose for each of us to explore and work towards.

duality of night and day
Duality of Night and Day

As spiritual beings in a human body designed to live within the limits of our 3D world, we have to accept the intricate functions that allow us life, here on earth.

To help you in understanding this concept of opposites, I'll use a very interesting example.

Imagine this, that each individual, each physical vessel, when born on this earth, already has a soul and spirit that is in the human being and that soul and spirit is who that human truly is. This could be regarded as the true personality of that person.

Now, let’s say that the soul has its own lifeline of evolution that goes beyond our 3D world. Imagine that each of us as a soul, has had prior life experiences, possibly on earth or in other environments, from other “worlds,” and some of us have originated from completely other realms, or worlds. Try to grasp this, even just for the remainder of this article…

With that being said, what if the function of some souls is to be in or create negative experiences because of where their souls have originated from, or their status in their evolution? Let’s say that is their job or their current role. It is only their role because it helps others learn from their offerings of negativity. The same goes for the opposite, people are born, incarnated to offer positive service to the world.

For example, one only learns something from the experience of something and lack of something. One learns happiness from being happy and the lack of being happy, being sad or angry. One understands the concept of death through the birth of life and vice versa.

With one comes the other…

When or even if we could grasp this concept, our view of life changes. You will look at what might be negative and know that it could be just what is supposed to happen because we or they need it. From knowing that, a positive shift can arise out of that negative experience.

When it comes to souls and their evolution, each of us is on our own path. Meaning, some of us come into this world more evolved than others. Some are positive souls and others are negative.

In totality, whether it be negative or positive, it is all designed for us to learn, evolve and assist us in moving forward toward God, the Creator, or the Universe; whatever you want to call it.

This is why we have a duality framework on this Earth. It is for us to learn and grow and evolve forward, back towards the True Light, towards Source.

In closing or opening (duality perception), this can be difficult for us to comprehend based on how society is trying to program people. Just remember it is all subjective perceptions, but ultimately, you need to figure or feel out what your own current role is, and what your evolutionary status is, for you to grow and evolve.

We have good and evil, positive and negative, happy and sad, and so on. We have these polarities to compare, to teach us one from the other. I believe that outside of this 3D world, everything just is. There is no good and bad, positive and negative, there just IS. That will be our next big lesson.

p.s. There is a realm or stage set between the two opposites, it is called Neutral. It is uncharted waters awaiting your presence. Will you dare to explore it?

- SD


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