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Spencer Dearing

Exploring The Foundations of Optimal Health,
From My Experience

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This website is intended to be a source for sharing my writings that delve into nutrition, fitness, philosophy, poetry, and overall optimal health.

I like to challenge the status quo and think deeper about the real topics of life to see what is really beyond.

Explore, think deeper and have fun!

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The Gut Friendly Lifestyle Guide

The Gut Friendly Lifestyle Guide was designed to help you heal your gut and work towards achieving optimal health, by showing you the foundations of living a gut friendly lifestyle.

A comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow guide, that provides you with everything you need to know for accomplishing and maintaining a healthier gut. 

The Gut Friendly Lifestyle Guide by Spencer Dearing - Discover The Origins of Abundant Health

The Foundations

To Learn. To Reason. To Critically Think. 


Individualized Way of Living 


Optimal Health


Action Gets Results

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